About me

I am Einar Frøysa. I was born 1978. I live south of Oslo, Norway with my family. I play and make music. I play many conventional and some less conventional instruments, but my main instrument will always be the piano. I went to university 1997-2001 and trained as a church organist. This has given me a strong theoretical foundation in all I do. But it also has made many people believe that playing organ and conducting choirs is all I know. This is not the case. I have a passion for music. All kinds of music. I always hope to use music to bring people together. Among other things, i play:
  • Piano
  • Hammond organ
  • Church organ
  • Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Bozouki
  • Harpejji
  • Berimbau
  • Pandeiro
I also write and produce music in many genres, including:
  • Funk
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Experimental/noise/ambient
I went to university for four years to train as a church organist and choir leader. After some years working in different churches, life took me elsewhere, and I now do whatever comes my way.